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Download My Confidence] By Rev Chris Okolo

Rev’d. Chris Okolo is a Music Minister with a unique sound. He carries an atmosphere of Love.

Having released two songs (Ifunanya and Heart’s Desire in 2017 and 2019 respectively), he has this amazing song “My Confidence” out.

The song is an exposure of the frail and fickle nature of man and more importantly the “Never abandoning nature of God” Produced By Dock Peters [DrK Music Inspirrs

Rev’d. Chris Okolo is the lead pastor of “The Shared Life Assembly” and he is happily married to Rev’d. Favour Christopher and they are blessed with a son Magnificence Christopher.



When all friends are Gone
I would call to you
When all hope is lost
I would run to you x2

You’re my confidence
You’re my confidence
You’re my confidence
You’re my confidence

Ina’kasim obi
Ina’kasim obi
Ina emerem ife dinma
Ina emerem ife dinma oh.

Man is frail, man is fickle
The human nature tends to disappoint
Friends will turn away
Love will turn to hate
Those who looked up to you, my now look down on you

But there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother
His name is Jesus, He’s the strong and breasted one
There is a helper, who is closer than your very breath
He’ll never leave you
(He said) He’ll never forsake you.

Ina’kasim obi
Ina emerem ife dinma
Okwa gi na’kasim obi
Okwa gi na emerem ife jurum Anya

Ina’akasim obi
You do mind blowing things for me yeah

When all friends abandoned me
You were there for me
When my friends disappointed me
You were there with me
Family and friends they ran away
But You held my hand
Said I’ll never let you go

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  • Powerful Song Brother…
    God Bless You For This Piece Sir..

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